Charlie Hearn

Charlie married Nikki in Bail.

I first meet this amazing couple in Bali 2014, I was asked to be involved with their wedding day & how could I say no ! It was such a honor.

I was living in Bail at the time so both their outfits were created and made in my Bail production rooms and fitted in my Bail store in Legian at the time. I had moved back to Australia before their wedding and flew back for their special day.

Designing, creating & styling for them both was an amazing experience as they are both very different people individualLy. This is what I loved about them both, not falling into the standard western wedding concept. Nikki originally from Ireland wanted a bit of the hindu element with gold & Charlie being from LONDON and an amazing architecture wanted structure and definition but both wanted a spiritual element intertwined.

So Charlies suit was a classical cut in a fine wool purple pin stripe with a floral shirt to give him his relaxed vibe.

But the best part of Charlie’s suit was on the back of his jacket. I worked with a designer on the island who was from Europe to have hand made leather crafted angel wings to be detachable from his jacket.. As you can see both Nikki & Charlie’s looks are very different but marry beautifully together as they are joined with their beautiful daughters all in gold to match Nikki and create harmony. It also didn’t hurt that the location was Bail & and their home.

Mick Horsby

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